Visit the 5th arrondissement from our hotel in Paris

Visit the 5th arrondissement from our hotel in Paris

The 5th arrondissement of Paris is located on the left bank, in one of the oldest districts of the capital. Renowned for being cosmopolitan and dynamic, this little corner of Paris attracts young students as well as tourists of all nationalities and all generations. From the Hôtel de l'Espérance , a visit to the 5th arrondissement of Paris is a rich walk in many ways. We'll take you with us.


Paris 5: between knowledge and history

The 5th arrondissement of Paris is at the heart of the historic cradle of the capital. There we find strong evidence of the past, such as the arenas of Lutèce . This Gallo-Roman amphitheater, with its ancient thermal baths, is a vestige dating from the 1st century. It is also close to the Museum of the Middle Ages , or Cluny Museum, built in a building dating from the 13th century. Finally, at the top of the Sainte-Geneviève mountain, the Pantheon sits proudly and houses within it all the tombs of the great men who have marked the history of France.

Paris 5 is also the Latin Quarter. Slightly spilling over into the 6th arrondissement, this corner of Paris also dates from the Middle Ages, when teaching was still in Latin. It is in this student district that we find large universities, such as the Sorbonne , the Collège de France and the prestigious Henri IV high school.

In terms of green spaces, the 5th arrondissement is not left out, with numerous gardens. Near the banks of the Seine, it is nice to stroll through the Jardin des Plantes and admire the botanical and animal curiosities of the Grandes Serres, the Grande Galerie de l'Évolution and the menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes. The National Museum of Natural History is then a rich space of discovery where you can also admire numerous stones, by going to the Mineralogy gallery.


Culture at the heart of the Latin Quarter

The 5th arrondissement of Paris is also a very culturally rich district. Near the Jardin des Plantes, the great Mosque of Paris, for example, is worth the detour. You can treat yourself to a hammam and taste a delicious oriental pastry, before continuing your visit to the neighborhood. And if you are interested in Mediterranean culture, go to the Institut du Monde Arabe , not far from the mosque and the Sorbonne, to discover the exciting exhibitions dedicated to the Arab world.

Lovers of the 7th art will also be delighted to stroll the picturesque streets of the 5th arrondissement. You can learn more about auteur cinema by attending the programming at the Latin Quarter Film Library , or at the Studio des Ursulines for a family outing.

Literature is also in the spotlight in Paris 5. There are numerous bookstores and specialized publishing houses. Don't miss the sublime English-speaking bookstore Shakespeare and Company , a store that seduces with its references, but also with its charm.

Finally, the History of France is greatly marked by religion, and the 5th arrondissement has no shortage of places of worship retracing the religious past of the capital. From the Royal Abbey of Val-de-Grâce to the Saint-Séverin church, via the Grand Mosque, you will discover the capital from another angle.


Paris 5 and gastronomy

What would a stay in Paris be without discovering French gastronomy? If tourists do not fail to taste the traditional baguette, accompanied by a delicious cheese and a good glass of wine, the 5th arrondissement also allows you to discover more varied and refined cuisine.

Among the good gourmet addresses , we obviously note all the restaurants and bistros which highlight French cuisine, such as the very chic Tour d'Argent . But you can also treat yourself to a taste journey through the regions of France and the four corners of the world, with the Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurant Baïeta , the Lhassa or the KGB (Kitchen Galerie Bis).

For a little treat between two visits, the pastries also know how to make our mouths water. Then go for the choux pastry from Maison Odette , the ice creams from the Gelati d'Alberto ice cream parlor, or even the cinnamon rolls from Flying Circus.


Go out and have fun in Paris 5th arrondissement

When it comes to festive atmosphere and evening entertainment, the Latin Quarter knows how to get noticed! All you have to do is walk along rue de la Huchette to get a beautiful panorama of the neighborhood's festive bars and theaters. The Théâtre de la Huchette is then a central point of Parisian nights, as is the jazz club Caveau de la Huchette .

A little further, in rue Mouffetard and on place de la Contrescarpe, the bars with a warm atmosphere will welcome you all night long, while rue du Cardinal Lemoine will allow you to attend a legendary cabaret show, at Latin Paradise .


When passing through Paris, the 5th arrondissement is enough in itself to offer you an unforgettable stay: historical, religious and cultural heritage, gastronomy, festive atmosphere... All you have to do is book your room at Hôtel de l'Espérance , near the Luxembourg Gardens, for a unique experience.